Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A beginning . . .

Ok, the “I-care-for-Bruce-and-his-work” love powers have gotten me to promise to blog properly and so I shall for at least a while as I find out what is proper. I agreed primarily because of the Sobralia work that Terry and I have been doing at OzGardens, which is truly new to the world and people are interested, so I would like to share that. And there is always new stuff to talk about in the natural world that is good to share, and I am after all in the popular orchid business and do know what's around the corner, at least in my neck of the woods.

So a bit of all my orchid life will be available, and if I don't feel like one thing we can do another, and if I don't feel like being funny, I don't have to be. I'm not sure that I'm that funny anyhow.

Oh and the book.... I can't forget the book...orchid love and peace and thanks for its popularity. You only have so many words, and it was rough to see things you really like that you've written such as information and jokes not being included, but you only have so many words.

I do really believe that orchids are a wonderful hobby. It's rather like birding except they can't fly away. You can see them in the jungle, you can see them in the park, and in your backyard, and in your living room. And it is still like you’re exploring as we really know nothing about them, and if they are among the most evolved of all the plants imagine what they can bring us not only with their chemistry of the plants themselves, the incredible chemistry which is produced through their products of pods and pheromonal magic.

I hear great stuff about orchids and the orchid business that I am looking forward to sharing.